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The Polyamory Society is a nonprofit organization which promotes and supports the interest of individuals of multipartner relationships and families. Currently the Society provides information and is building membership. This page is a general outline of what we would like to see provided to Polyamorists and their families. The Society welcomes input and participation. So take a look around and send e-mail if you have any comments. Also e-mail us if you have a service or information to provide or would like to join.

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It Is With a Heavy Heart We Announce the Passing of One of
the Founders of the Polyamory Movement,

Dr. Deborah Anapol 1951 to 2015

I Love You And You And You - End of Monogamy

Loving More Polyamory Conferences 2016

World Polyamory Conference 2016

Poly Big Fun 2016 - in Bastrop, Texas

Polyamory: Married & Dating on SHOWTIME - Thank You - ShowTime!!!

Hi! I'm Minx, and I'm Polyamorous

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PolyFamily Child Custody Case Ends After 2 Year Battle...

Polyamorist Contract for Cohabitation

Relationship Agreement
Tools for Healthy Polyamorous Relationships
Polyamory & Communal Economics
Understanding Opposition to Polyamory
Making Room for a Third

An Open Letter to the Press

marriage rights now
We support the right of all people, gay or straight,
to have marriage rights now!


Polyamory Awareness & Acceptance Ribbon Campaign

Be Sex Positive

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