Articles of Agreement for Unmarried Cohabitation /Commitment made on this day of_____20__Between :

1.  Name:____________________________________________

2.  Name:____________________________________________

3.  Name:____________________________________________

4.  Name:____________________________________________

5.  Name:____________________________________________

6.  Name:____________________________________________


1. Residing at:____________________________________________

2. Residing at:____________________________________________

3. Residing at:____________________________________________

4. Residing at:____________________________________________

5. Residing at:____________________________________________

6. Residing at:____________________________________________

Date of Birth

1. Date of Birth:____________________________________________

2. Date of Birth:____________________________________________

3. Date of Birth:____________________________________________

4. Date of Birth:____________________________________________

5. Date of Birth:____________________________________________

6. Date of Birth:____________________________________________

Place of Birth

1. Place of Birth:____________________________________________

2. Place of Birth:____________________________________________

3. Place of Birth:____________________________________________

4. Place of Birth:____________________________________________

5. Place of Birth:____________________________________________

6. Place of Birth:____________________________________________

The following eight articles of agreement become effective on the date that each partner signs the bottom line of this contract:

I. Agreement Participants

This agreement involves only partners who sign the bottom line of this contract. In no way will this contract ever involve third parties, including any church or government powers.

II. Primary Agreement

Each partner agrees that the only obligation to the other is to maintain a loyal commitment to:

1. Honesty.
2. Developing personal integrity, independence, and character growth.
3. Seeking knowledge, experiences, and objective truth through effort and reason.
4. Creating and delivering values that contribute to the growth and well-being of each partner and the relationship.

III. Purpose

Each partner agrees that the purpose of the cohabitation/ marriage relationship is to increase the objective values, enjoyment, pleasure, and happiness available from life. If this purpose is not served, then no objective purpose for the relationship exists.

IV. Property

Each partner agrees to keep (as much as practical) all properly in clearly defined, separate ownership.  Each partner recognizes that no one has any claim on the other's life, property, or freedom in any way except for the mutual obligation of developing values and growth as defined in the Primary Agreement (II).

V. Children

Each partner agrees to avoid conception and subsequent childbirth unless each partner beforehand mutally signs an additional contract that identifies and fixes in specific detail who wit/bear the financial and caring responsibilities for each child. In that separate child-responsibility contract, terms must explicitly include the fixing of full child care and financial responsibility in the event that the cohabitation/Marriage is terminated. If conception occurs without a mutually signed child-responsibility contract, the pregnancy will be aborted as soon as possible at the request of any partner with abortion and medical expenses being equally shared. Unlike this cohabitation contract, which can unilaterally be voided, a child-responsibility contract cannot be voided or altered in any way except by a written, mutual agreement that is signed by each partner.

VI. Termination of the Relationship

This cohabitation/marriage agreement may be mutually or unilaterally terminated at any time for any reason by notifying the other partners and by separating the property belonging to each partner. After termination of the agreement and separation of property, no duty or obligation (material or emotional) will remain between any partner. Child-responsibility contracts, however, cannot be unilaterally altered or terminated.

Any mutually owned or disputed property shall be divided in the following manner: All mutually owned property become the property of the remaining partners who continue to cohabitate.  Partners that leave the relationship have no claim on mutually owned property.

Any remaning partners who wish to continue with cohabitation/marriage after the Termination by one or more parties of the current contract should sign a new Agreement. Only one such contract can be in effect at any time, and the most recently dated contract shall supercede any previous contracts.

VII. Death

If this cohabitation agreement is still in effect, each partner agrees that with the death of one partner, and after payment of that partner's bills, debts and expenses, all remaining property will be distributed according to the signauted instructions below or according to the attached inheritance agreement (Will and testimony or Trust Agreements**). If no Wills or Trusts are attached, refer to the Wills or Trusts in the blank space below. If no Wills or Trusts are attached, each partner should write in longhand his and her own death instructions. In either case, each partner should cross out any remaining space and sign on the bottom line. Death instructions should include body disposal desires (e.g. cremation without ceremony, cryogenic freezing with payment arrangements, etc.)


  (partner signature)            (partner signature)        (partner signature)

  (partner signature)            (partner signature)        (partner signature)

(*separate inheritance agreements (Will or Trusts) should be used in all but the simplest agreements involving only nominal property values.)

In the absence of any instructions or Will, all property will pass equally to any minor dependents of the deceased. If no minor dependents exist, all remaining property will pass to the surviving partners.

VIII. Reconciliation

Cohabitation/Marriage reconciliation can be effected simply by each partners signing a new cohabitation/Marriage contract.

The undersigned agree to the eight articles of the above contract as conditions for their cohabitation/Marriage.

            (date)                                (date)                             (date)

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