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The Marriage of Souls


"The Oneness of Being"

Robin Sircus Copyright 1998 . All rights reserved.

The Miracle Of Love
Once Found
Is A Pearl To Be Treasured

The Marriage of Souls is a divinely beautiful pathway that leads us to an eventual return to complete Oneness with one, and then with a greater family of beings. The Marriage of Souls is about a Heavenly Bliss shared between beings that love each other from the bottom of their hearts and souls.

Book One is basically a road map that can be used by any being who is interested in scaling the highest heights of love with a significant other. It is about marriage, but not necessarily about the traditional or legal type. It is about the most beautiful love and marriage between souls and the fidelity to that love. Book One is an introduction to the main text of the Marriage of Souls which is more extensive and includes detailed intellectual and conceptual analysis of the spiritual prose and poetry you will find here. The subtitle "The Oneness of Being," represents an incredibly deep and warm space that fills our souls to overflowing when we actually realize oneness with others. These names were received from my Godself; we all have one after all. I have had my own conversations with God and ever since I have been through an intensive purification process.

Book One is the essence of what I have found, what I feel, and what my heart, mind, and soul are full of. It is the end result of a twenty year journey into the light and through the darkness. I have unearthed an inner richness, a wealth that all the money in the world cannot buy; a love that penetrates to my inner most soul.

No matter how spiritually evolved we are most of us feel somewhat unhappy and unfulfilled unless we can find love, intimacy, and warm sexual union with another being. No matter how successful we are in our careers or spiritual practices the drive to unite with other human beings cannot and should not be cast aside lightly. Not only were we meant to love each other deeply but God, our own pure consciousness, is waiting for us to awake to that love.

Our primary relationships are the proving ground for our capacity and knowledge of how to love yet the statistics show that it is the rare person who finds and maintains the deepest and most meaningful love. Deep in the heart we all want to love and be loved but the failure of love is reaching epidemic proportions.

The highest use of intimacy is the creation of Oneness with another being and it is in that Oneness that we find the love and security, which is heavenly. We all function best when we receive love and support, protection and recognition and it is our most intimate partners who are in the position to give us that love and support. It is impossible to manifest our true potentials in life if we are not secure on every level so it is vital for our individual beings to find that security and harmony with our life partners. When our primary relationship is on shaky grounds it can cast a shadow upon our entire life structure.

Pure love is the principle quality of my relationship with Luciana. That pure love makes our relationship perfect even if we, as individuals, are not. Ours is that type of love that lightens and inspires our spirits to grow toward the light even if it means confronting those imperfections and working toward difficult changes. We dedicate our love to showing that pure love between human beings is possible and attainable to all those who put the unitive power of their hearts over the separate powers of their minds.


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Robin Sircus