The Marriage of Souls


"The Oneness of Being"

Book One The secrets to perfect love and pure union between beings

Robin Sircus Copyright 1998 . All rights reserved.

The Miracle Of Love
Once Found
Is A Pearl To Be Treasured
Author Notes:

The Marriage of Souls is about
pure heart to heart relationships,
the communion between beings,
the love between souls.

Once we have realized true love in our hearts
and have shared that love with someone else
that pure bond of love is indestructible.
It does not matter if we find that love
with our lover or with our children,
a brother or a friend.
What is important is that we find that love
and use it as our principle model of love.
All relationships lend us the opportunity to demonstrate
the true quality of our soul.
Love needs to be made manifest and the only way for
humans to demonstrate the reality of love is in relationship to each other.

The Marriage of Souls is that kind of divine love that can
be experienced in our hearts as it radiates out to others who are themselves open to that love.
In the Marriage of Souls we see the result,
the love light being lit up in the eyes of our beloved ones.
This is what happens when we really love.
People love us in return.

Love is the power that closes the circuit between beings.
There is nothing more beautiful than true love,
nothing more needed,
nothing more hoped for.

To be Married on a Soul Level is an
expression of pure love,
pure commitment between beings.
Being committed on a soul level,
we love unconditionally and we love forever.
Like the children we bring into the world
our love endures, our love shines,
and our love supports the spiritual growth
of our loved ones.
When we touch on a soul level
we leave human thought, human worlds behind
and enter the realm of spirit,
the realm of pure being which cannot be regulated or
judged by the minds of men.
The Marriage of Souls is that bond between beings
who touch through the "Oneness of Being."
When we enter this space the angels sing their songs
and we are rejuvenated
into perpetual youth.
This is the garden,
we have returned.

The veritable nature of the Marriage of Souls is seen in
the totally open heart and the willingness to relate to
other open hearts with intimacy, love and joy.

Love is our inheritance
our destiny, our right.
Feel it, share it
express it in full light.
If God is love
we are love
sons and daughters of
pure spirit.

The Marriage of Souls teaches us
a new type of fidelity.
A fidelity to the real love,
to the honesty and openness
between our souls.
To the eternal commitment between our beings.

The Marriage of Souls is the guidance
which tries to enlighten us as to how
to achieve that love that was put up,
by Christ,
with equal importance,
with the love of God.

Our pure beings
need pure love, deserve pure love
live on pure love.
The Marriage of Souls is about pure beings
sharing pure love.
The pure light of pure being,
perfectly vulnerable,
perfectly feeling
perfectly real.

The Marriage of Souls concerns itself
with the quality of our love,
the depth and the purity,
the openness and honesty,
the communication and listening.
The form of our relationships is secondary
because in the Oneness of Being
it does not matter what your sexual preferences are.
Love is calling, not a particular sexual combination.
The Marriage of Souls is about relationships
between souls and as such transcends the sexual issue
that so obsesses human consciousness.
In the Marriage of Souls all,
including homosexuals and bisexuals
are given an equal opportunity
to realize eternal love.

When we open our hearts to the love that is the Marriage of Souls we are surrendering ourselves to the vastness and strength and love of God, the cosmic intelligence. We open ourselves and make ourselves vulnerable to a great being which is one with all beings. Open to experience, open to it all. It's thrilling and sometimes even terrifying. Open to love and this is something else again. Being open to whatever life sends us is our proof of our surrender of our love for God.

In the name of pure love
The Marriage of Souls offers a true revolution
and a complete paradigm shift
that finally brings fundamental change
to our race consciousness, a change so fundamental it
will give birth to a new sense of humanity.
The Marriage of Souls is a deep spiritual answer
that opens us up to entirely new levels of love
and will usher in a golden age of social, family,
and even individual enlightenment.
It teachers us how to care about the whole
through the resonance of the heart
as it empowers individuals through union with others
inside the intensity of perfect communication fields
and eventually within the context
of small group consciousness.

The journey of each individual soul
who is separate from the Oneness of Being
is long and arduous.
Through many a thousand years we travel looking to
come home.
We cry a thousand tears of joy when we find the one
with whom we can be one with.
The bliss of union washes away all the pain
and we are born into a new life of love.

The Marriage of Souls is a pathway
that bridges intimate, personal, and even romantic love
with that kind of religious and spiritual fire that leads us
to the ultimate truth about ourselves and reality.
Because love is an awareness of being,
especially the vulnerability of being,
the love we find in the Marriage of Souls leads us into an
ever deeper contact with our own being and with the
secret of heart to heart communion with other beings.

Love is the heavenly force
which binds all as one,
two as one, three as one
and so on.
Human loves are absolutely necessary
as steps toward the divine.

Holy Touch
Holy Love
Needed Affection
Our Temples United
Flowing with the Cosmic Current
We bathe ourselves in the Holy Well
Every remnant of separation cast aside
Our hearts open
Our souls unite
Total Fusion
No Shame
The Garden reclaimed

Pure devotion is something that God has for us,
it comes in on our every breath.
Pure devotion is something that we can learn
to have for each other.
We can be devoted eternally to other souls
just as we can be eternally devoted to God.
To be eternally devoted to a soul
is to love with the totality of our being.
Within us is the potential to love many souls
with the totality of our being.

Love is the offering of Oneness,
the maintenance of Oneness,
and the work of creating Oneness.
True love is an epic romance with Oneness,
with love and with life itself.
Romance is essentially the dream of Oneness
and when pursued with all our heart, mind and soul
it becomes the seed feeling that has the potential to grow
into the purest, deepest and most pure love.
Oneness is the ultimate goal of Love.

The Marriage of Souls demands
all of our capacity for love
and that capacity for love
grows automatically as we learn to communicate
and listen from deeper levels of being.
The more we communicate and share
the less separate we feel.
The effort to recognize and speak the truth
is the greatest work that any of us can do.

Our commitment to interpersonal communication
is the art if creating real love bonds that last.
In oneness we do not feel separate and are secure
in each others understanding,
safe to express everything we are.
Our openness knows no limits.
The Marriage of Souls is the oneness and intimacy of
beings connected through strong bonds of communication.

When communication breaks down
so does the feeling of oneness.
Pure perfect communication leads to
a pure telepathy between beings;
the proof of our deepening oneness
and totally open and melted hearts.

Meaningful open and vulnerable communication is
absolutely essential for the manifestation of real love and
caring between beings on this planet.
Without deep levels of both, separation,
misunderstandings and the hurting of love will always
manifest in human relationships.
Wherever you find a poverty of communication you will
find a poverty of love, and wherever you find a poverty of
love you will find a poverty of deep listening.

Perfect love and perfect communication
lead to perfect intimacy between beings.
The Oneness of Being is that place
where our love, our intimacy,
and our commitment to communicate merge
and like angels
we spread our wings
and take flight.

Two angels in love
on earth their love flourishes.
Perfect love, ever sweet harmony,
their love light penetrates to each others souls
and is mirrored and reflected in their eyes.
Perfect in every sense through pure understanding,
mind body and spirit touching
in one never ending embrace.
Pure beings sharing pure love, each deserving the other;
yet their love pours forth into the world of others.
Ready to share and care their deep well of love.
Expanding their vulnerable light
being what they are
their love shines bright.

Enlightenment has always been conceptualized as the
non-stop realization of the eternal light of pure consciousness.
The Marriage of Souls brings enlightenment to our
hearts through the eternal non-stop realization of pure
love between human souls.
The Marriage of Souls is that direct pathway to discovery
of what real love and true romance is all about.
It offers us the secret to enlightenment.
That place where love flows into our souls and remains
like a permanent tide that never seems to go out.
When our minds surrender completely to that love we
open the floodgates to pure consciousness,
the Holy River of Life.

The pure light of pure being, perfectly vulnerable,
perfectly feeling, perfectly real.
Being what we are our love light shines bright and casts
no shadows, no valleys, no fears.
As I walk through the shadow and valley of life I shall
fear no evil for it is my own pure being, my own
pure light that is with me.
Our own pure light is God.
God is our own pure consciousness
and those who can see that know only the
awe and the beauty and the grace.

Romance is essentially the dream of oneness
and when pursued with all our heart, mind and soul
it becomes the seed feeling
that has the potential to grow
into the purest, deepest,
and most pure love.

Every sexual encounter with our loved one is a golden
opportunity to purify our love and an opportunity to raise
our consciousness.
When two become one we flow into each absorbing the
other in cosmic interchange.
Essence touch, the same life stuff.
Union accelerated up to heaven;
experiencing the joy of the ecstatic core
of our existence in a body.

The Marriage of Souls is telling us
to journey back together
in very small intimate groups
that grow slowly over time,
groups that include that total responsibility
to the children
who need stable family environments.

To love one is a closed circle,
its limits are too well defined.
To love two is more, our circle expands.
To love three is growth
and from there
there are no more limits.

Robin Sircus