Although non-monogamous behavior is fairly common in our society (singles playing the field, adulterous spouses, remarried divorcees), declared Polyamorists are rather few in number, and they haven't been studied very much.  Very unscientific impressions would suggest that Polyamorists tend to be professionals, artists, academics, and other fairly highly educated people, with a rather strong showing from among computer professional or others with computer interests.  Interest in science fiction is common among Polyamorists, many of when say they discovered polyamory through the writings of authors like Robert Heinlein, Robert Rimmer and Marion Zimmer Bradley.  Polyamorists range through all age groups, genders, and sexual orientations.  Religiously there is considerable variety atheists, agnostics, Christians, Jews and a fairly strong showing from Unitarians and Pagans.  Fundamentalists of the "moral majority" variety are unlikely be to see at Polyamorous gathering.  Politically, there are conservatives, librals, and libertarians.  Some people couple their Polyamory with the study of sacred or spiritual sexuality disciplines like tantra or sex magick while others are impatient with such "New Age claptrap" and see their Polyness as a strictly pragmatic, secular matter.  Nudism, vegetarianism, ecology, holistic health, and so on are other common, though not universal, interests among Polyamorists.  Finally many Polyamorists believe that the present day Polyamory movement will deliver the future relationship models of the next century that so many of the science fiction novelist have written about.

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