The PolyFamily Day celebration is a day set aside to honor the successes and triumphs of:

1. The PolyFamily;
2. The individual Polyamorist;
3. The general Polyamory Community;
4. Those Poly Spirits who persevered and came before us;
5. Awareness among members of the Polyamory Community about issues
    affecting us and
6. Celebration of our families diversity.

This day is for and about expanded families, aligning yourself publicly and privately with the Polyamory community, multifaceted universal love, the ability of the human spirit to love more than one person at the same time, the joy one feels at viewing your love ones loving others, sharing your love, committing yourself to the PolyFamily and hopefulness for our  Communities. The Polyamory Family Day will be celebrated on 6 June on the anniversary of the Polyamory Society. The Society will also sponsor the PolyFamily Walk/Run for Health & Love on this day. The participants will collect Pledge/Sponsorship to Walking/Running determined distance. Half of the Funds Raised will go to the establishment of the Progressive Family Credit Union and the other half will go to the establishment of Progressive Family Insurance Cooperative.