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Alternative lifestyle organizations, aka. swinging organizations, aka. swinger clubs aka. recreation sex clubs, aka. open relationship, aka. open marriage have evolved from their birth in the sexual revolution in the late 1960's and 1970's. They are genuinely more ethical, education and social (including nonsexual). Lifestyle organizations to some degree are more open to single women. Historically lifestyle organization memberships run 2 men to every 1 woman. Swinging remains largely a couples and woman based activity.

Lifestyles organizations have 2 kinds of activities, (1) nonpermissive and (2) permissive. Nonpermissive activities are social events where sexual intimacy is not permitted. The most established lifestyle organizations have nonpermissive activities such as discussion groups broken down by gender (a technique borrowed from Polyamory support groups) and issue oriented workshops. Permissive activities are events where sexual intimacy is permitted in an area designated by the host. Usually at a permissive activity there will be an area where sexual activities are not allowed for people who do not want to participate in sexual activities. During the early evolution of swinging such issues as coercion, unwanted intimate contact, advances, innuendos, personal attacks and emotional manipulation were common. Now in the present evolution of lifestyle organizations with their code of ethics these issues still exist in small numbers but there is a system for removing predators from the community that would prey on others in these ways. Swinging is coming back from the brink of extinction during the AIDS era in the 1980's. Obviously the Swinging community is a little older, a little wiser and aligned with a movement that is poised to change the family and relationship paradigm in the next century. Alternative lifestyle organizations are allies of the Polyamory Movement. Not everyone in either community feels comfortable with this alliance. Polyamorists are in search of multiple, sustainable relationships and families. Swingers on other hand are in search of nonpossive social, recreational activities where sexual intimacy is a possibility, emotional commitment is not necessary and inappropriate in most cases because swinging is monogamously based couples activity and a community that revolves around events or activities. Both communities share a common language. Individuals inexperienced and youthful in the ways of both these communities will not be able to pick up on the subtle differences in the language they speak. Here is one example of this difference,

"We have been in the "lifestyle" for 12 years." (Swingers)
"We have been "together" for 12 years" (Polyamorists)

Finally you may ask yourself, why is the Society so interested in being supportive of this monogamous community. Some of us in the Society understands that many have searched for and found their way to Polyamory through their affiliation with alternative lifestyle organizations and a percentage of swingers will take the next logical step to a committed multiple partner relationship. So we the members of the Polyamory Society support you in your journey in the pursuit of knowledge, fun, love, commitment, family and community. Below is a list of Alternative Lifestyle affiliated organization links. The higher an organization is listed toward the top the closer their alignment to the Polyamory Movement. Furthermore if you know of a Lifestyle organization that you feel should be linked to this page please e-mail us.


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