Polyamory Children Education Branch

The Polyamory Society Children Educational Branch exists for the purpose of leading and consolidating the efforts of individuals and groups working to achieve healthy development and constructive education for all Children. The Polyamory Society and its Local Chapters are dedicated to improving the quality of childhood and education programs for children of Polyamorist unions from birth through age 12. The Society and the Local Chapters will share and help to implement the Childrens Educational Branch primary mission:

  1. To facilitate improvements in the day to day life of PolyChildren;
  2. Bridging understanding of PolyChilderns needs to the Polyamory Community and the general public;
  3. To provide fun interactive learning experiences and products for the children;
  4. Primary attention is devoted to assuring the conditions of high quality Childhood programs, services and products for PolyChildren;
  5. To earn the commitment, loyalty, and enthusiasm of the Local Chapters PolyFamilies and Poly Community by providing opportunities for participation, contribution, and building consensus on critical issues concerning PolyChildren;
  6. Valuing and respecting diverse viewpoints and perspectives in all aspects of PolyChildhood and education;
  7. Promoting inclusion, access, and nondiscrimination in the full range of programs, services and products serving PolyChildren, PolyFamilies, and adults preparing to work with children;
  8. Designing programs, services and products that support individual and collective efforts to improve all childhood programs that operate with a variety of sponsors, funding sources, and structures;
  9. Encouraging and supporting a strong network of Local Chapters, Aligned and Affiliated groups who provide leadership and opportunities at all levels of education for PolyChildren;
  10. To support the growth and development of PolyTeens through education, peer support, mentoring and multiple role modeling;
  11. Designing activities, programs, services and products that promote the need for and the recognition of PolyChildhood professional expertise;
  12. To build and maintain a strong organizational structure and communication base between the Societies staff and Local Chapters that will provide educational leadership, coordination, programs, products and services to PolyChildren.
  13. The Polyamory Society Seal of Approval. Establish a consumer advocacy analysis program that rates PolyChildren programs, services and products. If the programs, services and or products demonstrate by analysis of the criteria to be of high value to PolyChildren and PolyParents they may be awarded the Polyamory Society Seal of Approval.
  14. To develop and promote position statements that reflect the role that PolyChildhood professionals should play in addressing social issues that have a direct impact on children and PolyChildhood programs such as:

    (a) Ideas and methods for reducing violence and media violence in the lives of children;

    (b) PolyChildhood education that is constructively responsive to linguistic and cultural diversity and

    (c) Appropriate uses of technology with PolyChildren.

  15. To establish and promote a comprehensive articulated system of professional development for individuals working in PolyChildhood settings at all levels.
  16. Assist in the development and analysis of PolyChildhood public policy. Establish and promote the application of guidelines to create or expand public policies that serve the best interests of PolyChildren.
  17. Develop and distribute current information to members, media, policy makers, and the public regarding:

    (1) The importance of learning about PolyChildren, PolyFamilies and PolyParenting;

    (2) The contributions of good programs in promoting PolyChildren, PolyFamilies and PolyParenting learning and development;

    (3) The characteristics that distinguish high quality programs from mediocre/poor programs;

    (4) Barriers to high quality programs for PolyChildren and

    (5) Strategies to address these barriers.

  18. To award grants to those researchers, professionals and individuals who share a desire to serve and act on behalf of the needs and rights of PolyChildern.
  19. Statement of Responsibilities for educators working with PolyChildren. To define and promote the application of a Code of Ethical Conduct for PolyChildhood educators and education.

Some of the programs, products, services that the Polyamory Society Children Education Branch will help to facilitate the devolopment of include but will not be limited to is:

Multimedia, Book, and Online Publishing
Develop and distribute printed educational materials that reflect current research, theory, and practice; address all areas of PolyChildhood education which; present a positive image and are economical to purchase.


Produce and distribute training materials in video, floppy disk, audio book, CD-ROM and on-line formats that reflect current research, theory, and practice; address all areas of PolyChildhood life which present a positive image and are economical to purchase.


To sponsor a national conference and encourage Affiliate sponsorship of local/state/regional conferences, workshops, and seminars that support growth in professional effectiveness for all types of early childhood programs.

Institute for PolyChildhood Professional Development

Nurture the continued growth of leaders in the PolyChildhood community through conferences and published materials.

Information resources on PolyChildren

Identify information and resources relevant to the improvement of PolyChildhood practice and create multiple strategies for information dissemination and exchange.

PolyChildhood Advocacy

Collect and disseminate accurate, objective information about public policies relevant to programs and services for PolyChildren, and advocate the need for PolyChildhood professionals development and for PolyChildhood Studies.

PolyKids Zine

The PolyKids Zine is a Zine for and about PolyChildhood experience covering all spheres of PolyFamily life from a PolyChild's prospective. The PolyKids Zine supports the principles and mission of the Polyamory Society. PolyKids Zine contains fun, games, uplifting PolyFamily stories and lessons about PolyFamily ethical living such as the PolyFamily Coloring Book and PolyChildren Book Series:

  1. Heather has 2 Moms and 3 Dads
  2. Homie the Cat and his Family
  3. The Magical Power of Mark's Many Parents
Poly HomeSchooling Network

PolyKids HomeSchooling Academy. Sponsor a program for PolyChildern that stimulates self improvements through a self-study process, materials, and technical assistance; and gives recognition to other programs that demonstrate high quality practice.

Here are some links to other sites that provide support to PolyFamilies that choose to explore the traditional Homeschooling alternative.

PolyFamily Scholarship Fund

If you're a Polyamorist student that belongs to the Polyamory Society or if at least 3 members of your family belong to the Society you are eligible for the PolyFamily Scholarship Fund. The PolyFamily Scholarship Fund is set up to make sure that Polyamorist and student from PolyFamilies have all the resources they need to follow their dreams. The Polyamory Society understands the need for sharp minds to represent Polyamory in the future.

The Polyamory Community future prosperity depends on what happens in our classrooms right now. The PolyFamily Scholarship Fund is designed to ensure that Polyamory Communities best and brightest students become leaders in their chosen fields. Funding for the PolyFamily Scholarship Fund comes from the Societies and its Local Chapters fund raising activities and from public donations. The scholarship program will continues to grow as the Societies partnerships and alliances strengthen.

Direct Donation Here
PolyTeen Mentoring and Peer Counseling Resources and Network
Required to be at least 16 years of age

The Polyamory Societies' Children Educational Branch will create and support an educational environment in which young PolyAdults and PolyTeens can thrive without fear of harassment and discrimination, and can learn about their PolyCulture and community. Mentoring, Peer Counseling and other PolyTeen network services are available through the Local Chapters and Societies Web Page.

To join the Poly Under 30 E-mail list in the link above, leave the subject line blank and enter:

subscribe poly-under30 your name

in the body of your message.

PolyTeen Zine

PolyTeen Zine is a publication designed to explore the full spectrum of Polyamorist thought and concerns for the young PolyAdults and PolyTeens. The Zine supports the principles of the Polyamory Society mission and covers issues of concern to young PolyAdults and PolyTeens in this time of transition from the monogamously dominated paradigm to consensually open relationships intergration into mainstream culture.

Children Education Grant Proposal Requirements & Application

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