The Polyamory Lobby is an ongoing program of outreach and education to share its knowledge, technical assistance and strategies with the Polyamorist Political Action Committee, the Polyamory community and grassroots PolyActivist in promoting Polyamorous relationships and families.  The technical and strategic assistance of the Polyamorist PAC lobby activities will enhance efforts already in existence.  It is through the Polyamorist PAC network of local chapters, PolyActivists, lawyers, aligned groups, workshops, publications, voter education and voter registration that the Polyamory lobby activities will provide a voice where there was once silence.  The Polyamorist PAC in its lobby activities has no delusions about the present day political climate.  The Polyamorist PAC objective is to ensure that the Polyamory position is clearly and accurately defined.

This project is currently inactive due to changing circumstances. If you or anyone you know would like to take over this project contact: Robert



The mission of the Polyamorist Political Action Committee Voter Empowerment Program is seeking to register and educate voters in and out of the Polyamory Community on:

1. Polyamory Family models and lovestyle;
2. Polyamory issues and legislation;
3. To mobilize, energize and register aligned Polyamorist Voters;
4. Support and reward Legislators and Candidates who support    Polyamory issues, legislation and agenda both publicly and privately;
5. Polyamory aligned groups issues and legislation;
6. Assist in creation of strategies to build up the Polyamory agenda voter    base and
7. Poll and survey results of Legislators and Candidates on issues and    legislation that effect the Polyamory Community.

This is a multi-pronged effort designed to empower Polyamorists at the polls.  The Polyamorist PAC intend this effort to be effective and ongoing and hopefully one that will show lasting impact on our community.  The Voter Empowerment Program will combine efforts of the Polyamorist PAC national office and local PolyActivist in a comprehensive grassroots network for Polyamorist voter empowerment.  The Voter Empowerment Program will include components on voter registration, education and most importantly, to foster understanding, knowledge and an alliance between the Polyamory Community and the general public about the Polyamory agenda, issues and concerns.  The Voter Empowerment Program will be operated and lobbied at the State and National level coordinated by the Polyamorist PAC National Office.  National staffers will develop resource materials for distribution at meetings and rallies on the State and National level.  State Local Chapters will be encouraged to organize voter empowerment workshops at their meeting and rallies.  The local Polyamorist groups will be encouraged to assign key persons and to work with the Polyamorist PAC staff on specific tasks related to Voter Empowerment Projects.

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